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Corporate tax deadlines and calendar. As this calendar is geared toward the needs of small businesses and the self-employed, it provides specific due dates for. For , April 15 is the big deadline during tax season, but other deadlines worth noting are set forth below. This tax calendar can help you be aware of. Check our tax calendar to see exactly when your taxes are due. Find your filing frequency below for your due dates. For more information on due dates for prepayments and other filing instructions, please refer to form CDTFA. Tax Calendar ; 01/12/, Quarter-Monthly Withholding and Sales Tax Payment ; 01/16/, Monthly Other Tobacco Products Report ; Monthly Cigarette Tax.

Real Estate Tax Calendar. A; A. Real Estate Tax Calendar (payable in ). April 29th, Property tax bills mailed. May 8th, 1st day for sub-tax prior to. April Individuals: Filing a income tax return (Form or Form SR) or filing for an automatic six-month extension (Form ), and paying any. This tax calendar has the due dates for that most taxpayers will need. Employers and persons who pay excise taxes should also use the Employer's Tax. Electronic payment deadlines vary for each tax type or fee. Depending on your file and pay frequency, the electronic payment deadlines are provided below. The returns and remittances are due on or before the 20th day of the month following the month during which the tax is accrued. Electronic payment information. DOR Tax Calendar ​. At the links below you will find due dates for Kentucky taxes, listed by month for ease of viewing. under the authority of the Finance. The tax shall be due and payable on the 20th day of January, April, July, and October for the preceding calendar quarter. West Virginia Code. Timely Return and Remittance Due Dates. Payroll Tax Calendar and Tax Due Dates. Searching for a deposit due date or filing deadline? Access our federal deposit calendars and payroll calendars to. December ; 12/15/ Form N-ES, Nebraska Corporation Estimated Income Tax Payment Voucher, last date for paying fourth installment (calendar-year. important tax payment dates · OCTOBER Tax Statement mailing begins. · NOVEMBER 30, 1st HALF-PAYMENT due. · JANUARY 31, Last day to pay

tax payment due dates to extension filing deadlines. If you want to add some additional time to file your return onto your tax calendar, file Form to. Recent Years Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Due Dates · · · · · · · · Quarterly Tax Due Dates. · This report is a comprehensive collection of tax event dates by state. Many rules and dates set forth are subject to change and interpretation. By using a tax refund calculator, you'll get an idea of how much you might get back or owe. This can help you plan your finances better, whether it's setting. tax payments schedule by following specific rules. For example, if you pay all your estimated taxes for before Tax Day, April 15, , you will not. Professional Taxes. Tax Tools Upside down caret character icon. Tax Calculator · Self-Employment Calculator · Tax Bracket Calculator · Tax Checklists · Tax. Advance CIT is payable in three instalments. Tax payments are due on 30 June, 30 September, and 31 December (or by the sixth, ninth, and 12th month of the tax. Due dates and filings pertaining to the North Carolina Department of Revenue are highlighted in blue. Due dates and filings pertaining to the Internal Revenue. Due Dates for Taxes, Fees and Information Reports. Payment Deadlines. Electronic check and credit card payments via Webfile: Payments must be submitted by

· Chronological Listing of Filing Deadlines · Alphabetical Summary of Due Dates by Tax Type · Payment Dates for Weekly Payers. Compliance and tax calendar software that tracks multiyear deadlines, payments, extensions, and filings in one central place. Extensions · Personal income tax extensions must be filed on or before April 17, and will not be accepted after midnight on that date. · An extension is an. Leap Year Per the Louisville Metro Code of Ordinances (LMCO) §, the due dates for all , W-2, and W-3 forms for the tax year will remain. Refer to our payroll tax calendar to find due dates for employment tax returns, wage reports, and payroll tax deposits.

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The due dates for income tax withholding reports vary for employers filing monthly, quarterly, accelerated and annual reports. If the due date falls on a. Official IRS Tax Dates. Mark your calendar with these official IRS tax dates. January 29, IRS Starts Processing Taxes. The Texas Comptroller's property tax calendars include important dates for appraisers, taxpayers and professionals.

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